Discover the 6/58 Lotto Result History, Today , November 10, 2023

The 6/58 Ultra Lotto is renowned for its grand prizes and thrilling gameplay. This popular lottery format is offered by national and local lottery organizations in local of philpinese and international gamers. In this game, players select six numbers from a predetermined pool, often ranging from 1 to 58. While the fundamental rules of the game remain constant, it’s essential to review the specific guidelines and variations of the 6 58 Lotto Result History offered by different lottery organizations for precise historical statistics and results. this mega latto fentasting game of appurtunity in the gamer can play game in to the rules and regulations of this latto. my father unfartunatily buy the mega ultra latto game ticket and its lucky for his life and its win bigg amount for the price ph5000000.i am very impresed and amazed this new version game for win big jackpot.

Unveiling the 6/58 Lotto Results

The 6/58 Lotto draws are scheduled every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 9:00 PM, managed by the official PCSO Lotto Result. To provide you with the most recent results, here’s the summary of the 6/58 Lotto draw Today

  • Winning Numbers: 55-34-30-25-43-08
  • Jackpot Prize: ₱49,500,000.00

The PCSO reports that the Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot prize will be an impressive ₱77,455,718.40 in 2023. The numbers listed above are the exact winning combination for the 6/58 Ultra Lotto draw that took place in 2023. For further details and the 6/58 Lotto Result Summary for 2022, please visit the official PCSO Lotto Results website.

PCSO Reminders for 6/58 Lotto

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) offers essential reminders regarding playing the 6/58 Lotto and its background:

Play Responsibly

Never risk more money than you can afford to lose while gambling. Always view it as a form of entertainment, and establish and adhere to a budget for your lottery purchases.

Check Results Regularly

Stay updated by regularly checking the most recent 6/58 Lotto results. You can find the winning numbers on the PCSO website, reliable websites, or through news sources. Verifying the results ensures you can promptly claim any potential prizes.

Protect Your Ticket

Your purchased lottery ticket is your sole receipt. Keep it safe and secure to prevent loss or damage.

Claim Your Prize

If you are a winner, ensure you claim your prize as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your winnings, as unclaimed prizes may expire after a specific timeframe.

Security Awareness

Be vigilant against lottery-related theft and fraud. The PCSO does not require any upfront payment or personal information from lottery winners.

Support Charity

Remember that the primary goal of the PCSO is to raise funds for charitable and health-related initiatives. By participating in the lottery, you contribute to the financial support of these programs.

How to Play the 6/58 Ultra Lotto

Playing the 6 58 Lotto Result History in the Philippines is straightforward, following a clear set of rules. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Visit an Approved Outlet: To play the 6/58 Ultra Lotto, visit a PCSO retail outlet that has received official approval.
  2. Obtain a Play Slip: Ask the store attendant for a 6/58 Ultra Lotto play slip. This specific form allows you to select your numbers and specify your desired bet size.
  3. Select Your Numbers: On the play slip, you’ll find a grid of numbers typically ranging from 1 to 58. From this grid, select six digits. You have two options: manually mark your numbers or use the Quick Pick feature to have the system randomly generate numbers for you.
  4. Indicate Your Bet Amount: Specify the amount you wish to wager on each combination. Usually, a minimum bet of PHP 24 is required. Since winnings are proportionate to your wager, you can choose to bet more to increase your chances of winning.
  5. Choose the Draw Date: Verify the draw date indicated on your ticket. The 6/58 Ultra Lotto draw typically occurs on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  6. Secure Your Ticket: Once you receive your ticket, keep it safely stored. Your ticket serves as both a payment receipt and the only means by which you can claim potential prizes.
  7. Check the Results: You win if the numbers you’ve chosen match the numbers used to form the winning combination. To claim your prize, follow the PCSO’s prize claim procedure.
6/58 Ultra Lotto
Winning Numbers
Jackpot Prize

Prizes for 6/58 Ultra Lotto

Your prize in the 6 58 Lotto Result History depends on how many of your selected numbers match the winning numbers drawn. Here’s the prize breakdown:

  • Jackpot Prize (6 out of 6): If all six of your selected numbers match the six winning numbers in the exact order, you win the jackpot. The jackpot starts at ₱500,000,000.00.
  • Second Prize: Matching five out of the six winning numbers awards you the second prize, which can reach up to ₱2,800,000.00.
  • Third Prize: Matching four out of the six winning numbers results in the third prize, which can be as much as ₱38,000.00.
  • Fourth Prize: If you match three of the six winning numbers, you win the fourth prize, which may be up to ₱200,000.00.

Claiming lottery prizes between ₱20 and ₱100,000 is possible at any authorized lotto outlet. Additionally, prizes can be claimed at your local PCSO Branch Office.

How to Claim Your Prize

Winners in the Philippines must follow specific steps to claim their “6/58 Lotto” winnings. If you’re the lucky winner, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Check Your Ticket: Before anything else, carefully inspect your lottery ticket to ensure it bears the correct numbers. Compare the numbers on your ticket with the official winning numbers announced by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
  2. Secure Your Ticket: If you know you have a winning ticket, keep it secure. As lottery tickets are bearer instruments, anyone in possession of the winning ticket can claim the prize.
  3. Determine the Prize Amount: The prize you can claim is contingent on how many of your selected numbers match the winning numbers. You can find the prize distribution for various matching combinations on the PCSO website, through authorized channels, or in news publications.
  4. Await Verification: PCSO employees will validate the information provided on your claim form and your winning ticket. The verification process may take some time, particularly for larger prizes.

The 6/58 Ultra Lotto is a game of chance that offers significant rewards and excitement. By understanding the rules and following the proper procedures, you can enjoy the game while increasing your chances of winning. Don’t forget to play responsibly and support the charitable initiatives of the PCSO with your participation.

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